Element 42 (Sabel Security #3) 

Agent Jacob Stearne’s mental problems resurface just as Pia Sabel discovers a death camp hidden in the Borneo jungle. Within hours, the pair are racing to find a cure for their stricken friend only to uncover a pharmaceutical company preparing to unleash an engineered disease only their drug can cure. Facing the highest stakes of their lives, they must make a moral choice with global consequences. Is it worth dying to save millions of lives when you have no idea if it will work? MORE…


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Pia Sabel is being hounded by a State Department appointee and forced to play the deadliest game of her life. Putting herself in danger to save innocent children from exploitation, her overconfidence leads to agonizing torment and the question: When the CIA closed its torture program, what did they replaced it with?Sabel Agent Jacob Stearne and his team of decorated veterans have lived through bad decisions by politicians before, but they aren’t prepared for the ugly reality they uncover. MORE…


The Geneva Decision The Geneva Decision (Pia Sabel #1)

Pia Sabel plays to win.

Until a few weeks ago, she was an international soccer star. But now she’s taken the helm of her billionaire father’s private security company, and she’s playing against a whole new set of opponents – the kind who shoot to kill.

On her first day on the job, MORE…

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